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John and Dorothy Broger

F00053PHL1949_JohnDorothyBroger.jpg ThumbnailsJohn Broger.ThumbnailsJohn Broger.ThumbnailsJohn Broger.ThumbnailsJohn Broger.ThumbnailsJohn Broger.

John Broger was the first President of FEBC. Before becoming a Christian, John had been involved in Broadway productions and was familiar with the strengths of media. The Brogers gave many years to FEBC, and after retiring from FEBC went on to serve the Lord in other ways. Dorothy was the editor of the first FEBC publications. She was also a talented pianist, and in this rare picture you see them both in the FEBC Philippines studio C. Microphones: RCA SK-50, RCA 74-B, RCA 44-BX.