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Pastor Somchai Meechurit

F01489_Somchai.jpg CMA Korat studio.ThumbnailsDZAS studio.CMA Korat studio.ThumbnailsDZAS studio.CMA Korat studio.ThumbnailsDZAS studio.

Pastor Somchai Meechurit served FEBC Thailand from the late 1970's till the early 2000's.

Somchai's programme 'This Life' was among the most popular. He avoided an oratorical or didactic style of speaking, and the audience loved his intimate half-hour chats. Almost as soon as he came on the air the FEBC-Bangkok telephone would start ringing - it was necessary to ask listeners to ring the next morning as his programme was aired when the studio was closed.

He edited some of his broadcast material on 'living as a Christian in Thailand' into small booklets, and these were always in high demand.

Another feature was his recording (with the caller's permission) of incoming phone calls so that he could reproduce extracts of them, and his answers in a subsequent programme.

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