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F01225_Report_1947-1.jpg ThumbnailsMid 1947 report - Page 2ThumbnailsMid 1947 report - Page 2ThumbnailsMid 1947 report - Page 2ThumbnailsMid 1947 report - Page 2ThumbnailsMid 1947 report - Page 2ThumbnailsMid 1947 report - Page 2ThumbnailsMid 1947 report - Page 2

Page 1 of a 6 page report by John Broger in 1947.

The report itself is undated, but by examining the text it appears to be mid-1947, and is an excellent account of the progress FEBC made in establishing itself in the early days.

The text of page 1 is as follows:


We have desired for several months to inform you of the latest developments in the FEBC. It is our intention to send to you at regular periods this report which is a personal up-to-date account of FEBC activity. We trust that it will be interesting to you and will provide many answers to questions which are asked you concerning FEBC.

The Lord has wonderfully blessed in the year and a half of our organization and association, and it has become increasingly evident that He is working in strange and wonderful ways to further the radio missionary vision of the Orient. The work has grown to such proportions that we lay out before you several of the major developments in this report.


The office staff consists at present of six members, including Mr. Richard Bronson as office Manager, his secretary, Miss Jean Dykeman, Brother Bob Bowman, Mrs. Broger and myself. Mr. Frank Jones, a retired civil engineer, is graciously assisting, without renumeration, in making addressograph plates for us.

The Lord has wonderfully supplied new offices at 304 South Ardmore, Los Angeles, which greatly increases the efficiency of the staff.

(Described in April "Broadcaster"

We have felt for sometime that a radio voice of FEBC was necessary for America, However, it has not been our intention that funds should be diverted into this ministry. As we have waited upon the Lord the project has progressed as various Christian musicians...[continued in 1226]

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